Performing Arts as a Teaching Tool

theArtsFund, became an affiliate of Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts in 2016, to leverage the power of the performing arts to empower Teachers to engage children to become successful learners.

How San Antonio Wolf Trap Early Learning is Expanding Possibilities in Classrooms

 “ All of my students wanted to be a part of the reading/acting out of the book.  Even my quietest student (this student does not talk) asked to come to the front and be part of the lesson. Great Job!”   -Mr. Barrintos,Teacher/  Winston Elementary, Edgewood ISD,       Joy Jimenez, San Antonio Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

"It assists in developing and building vocabulary through movement. It was a benefit, as a professional, to allow myself to explore other avenues to produce a system in classroom management, interacting through literacy and incorporating other content areas."   -Mrs. Cameron,Teacher/ Heritage Elementary, Southside ISD, CT Rhames, San Antonio Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

"The residency provided new insights of subject matter by using different types of puppets, singing songs, and using different body movements/gestures(while incorporating the literature being studied) in order to help them to learn new vocabulary words, accommodate their different learning styles, and help students fully understand and retain information." -Mrs. Stefanie Escobar, Teacher/ Gallardo Elementary, Southside ISD,   Katrin Blucker Ludwig, San Antonio Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

Integrating the performing arts is a powerful teaching strategy that unlocks children's innate desire for joyful, active learning. 

High quality early education is essential to giving children the best possible start in life

Studies have shown that activities grounded in the performing arts help students develop critical thinkingproblem-solvingcreativity and collaboration skills. 

San Antonio Wolf Trap Residency in Action

San Antonio Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts -


  1. San Antonio Wolf Trap is the only Wolf Trap Education affiliate in Texas and one of 17 affiliates in the United States improving early childhood learning through professional development of teachers.   Learn More
  2. SAWT has eight professional performing artists, all have been trained by a Master Teaching Artist from the Wolf Trap Early Learning Institute in Virginia, in the Wolf Trap method. Professional artists are recruited, interviewed and chosen by San Antonio Wolf Trap to attend the week long training, done here in San Antonio.
  3.  San Antonio Wolf Trap, provides direct professional development services to Teachers through Teaching Artists that establish working partnerships with early childhood educators in the classroom by using a coaching model.
  4. Through 8 week classroom residencies, in 16  sessions, the Teachers become equipped with a new tool to unlock the potential of all their students by helping children learn through active participation.
  5. The Wolf Trap Institute’s performing arts-based teaching method taps into children’s innate desire for active, multi-sensory learning. Children literally embody STEM concepts by singing and dancing, and engaging their imaginations through interactive, puppetry, story dramatization, and role play.
  6. Bringing San Antonio Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts residencies to school districts throughout the city, is establishing a much-needed connection between arts and education to improve outcomes in lower performing schools in San Antonio.
  7. San Antonio Wolf Trap is investing in children through the arts, building connections that provide the foundation for all future learning, behavior and health.

What is Wolf Trap? 

     Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts is a program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts in Wolf Trap, VA. 

     The Wolf Trap Institute received a major grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education to develop a program that uses performing arts-based techniques to improve math skills, the foundation for all science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning—a nationwide priority.  With 35 years of experience, The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts (Institute) is a recognized national model for utilizing the performing arts to promote young children’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development and school readiness while enhancing educators’ instructional skills through effective arts-integrated professional development.  

     In a controlled study conducted over four years by the American Institutes for Research, Wolf Trap’s Early Learning Through the Arts program was proven to have a statistically significant, positive impact on students’ math achievement. 

      In a very significant piece of recognition by the Department of Education, that speaks volumes to the reputation and impact of Wolf Trap programs is the inclusion as a case example on page 19-20 of the guidance for Title IV, under allowable uses of funds for Activities to Support Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities in the recent ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act report,  section 4107. 

SAWT adheres to WT Methods.pdf

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New Research Analysis Shows Art-Integrated Teaching Translates to Additional Month of Math Learning

Wolf Trap Institute: An Effective Teaching Strategy

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